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Download File checksum


You can download cecil.phar by clicking on the "Download" button or with the following command from your terminal:

curl -LO https://cecil.app/cecil.phar

Install globally

For more comfort you should install Cecil globally.


You can install Cecil on macOS with 🍺Homebrew:

brew tap cecilapp/cecil
brew install cecil


  1. Move cecil.phar in a dedicated directory like C:\bin
  2. Rename it from cecil.phar to cecil
  3. Append ;C:\bin to your PATH environment variable
  4. Create a wrapping batch script


mv cecil.phar /usr/local/bin/cecil
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/cecil


The easiest way to update Cecil to the last version is to use the dedicated command:

cecil self-update

Get a specific version

If you want to download a specific version you can specify it in the URL path.
For instance, if you want to install the 7.0.0 version you need to put download/7.0.0/ in the URL:

curl -LO https://cecil.app/download/7.0.0/cecil.phar